Shopping, strolling, refueling...

Many shopping facilities and petrol/charging stations
are not far away and can be reached quickly.



Braås (ca. 10 km): ICA Nära

Lenhovda (ca. 14 km): ICA Nära

Växjö (ca. 28 km): Lidl, City Gross, ICA, Willys,...

Shops, stores:

Växjö (ca. 28 km): Shoppingstreet "Storgatan", Shoppingcenter "Grand Samarkand"

Kosta (ca. 31 km): "Kosta Outlet"


Braås (ca. 10 km): Pump

Lenhovda (ca. 14 km): ingo

Växjö (ca. 28 km): ingo, Preem, Tanka, Shell, CircleK

Charging Stations

Lenhovda (ca. 14 km)

Växjö (ca. 28 km)